Digital Services Division

With a multitude of mobile devices globally, readers have greater access to a publisher’s content than ever before from anywhere. Books International’s advanced integrated digital distribution technology makes it easy to reach your selected audience on a global scale.

Our integrated client portal contains all the tools you need to manage richly formatted bibliographic metadata, cover images, and digital assets for all your trading partners such as Amazon, Apple, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Ingram, Nielsen, and TitlePage. Our OTMS web application also supports ONIX 2.1 and 3.0

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  • Maintain rich bibliographic data and cover files.
  • Add, remove, and update titles as needed.
  • Use either web-based form within OTMS or submit spreadsheet of data.
  • Data is reviewed and verified before weekly dissemination.
  • Title database can also be used to produce sales tip sheets and other sales tools.
Ebook Conversion

High quality valid file creation is a critical process that requires attention to detail. Corrupt files equal low readership. Books International stays current on the latest file-development processes and requirements of the various vendors and ebook sellers. We offer high quality file creation valid for all major vendors the first time and provide you with a full-year guarantee on all your submitted files.

If you give us your book, we’ll create ePUB, Mobi and ePDF files, which includes proper tagging and online-search capabilities, to make your ebook-publishing experience seamless and help maximize your ebook distribution potential.

Digital Distribution and Marketing Services
  • Global distribution to over 200 channels including academic library distribution and subscription services
  • Gold level of Amazon co-op: distribution clients will be entitled to nominate an unlimited number of titles per quarter to the program
  • Marketing partnerships with leading global retailers with whom we actively seek merchandizing opportunities around milestone events and thematic campaigns
  • Examples of successful marketing campaigns include Barnes and Noble’s July 4th American Revolution promotion, World of Aviation campaign with Nook Australia and Canada, the Anniversary of World War I with Sainsbury’s UK.
  • Academic marketing relationships with leading library distributors such as OverDrive, JSTOR, EBSCO, Ingram’s My iLibrary, Wheelers New Zealand and Southeast Asia, Gardners UK, among others.
  • Publisher led promotional offers to library ebook buyers at key moments during the fiscal year
  • Milestone and thematic campaigns with library distributors
  • Digital galley and review services provided via multiple platforms: NetGalley, GoodReads, VitalSource, Kortext, BookShout
  • Marketing across all social media platforms
  • Publisher led price promotions facilitated across all retail platforms globally
  • BookBub email campaigns to targeted end users
Digital asset management

Cloud-based digital file repository, audit trail with daily snapshots to provide critical data integrity and availability. Whether you are just getting started or taking your first steps with digital publishing, our digital assets management tool is the only one you need!

Digital publishing can be time consuming and expensive. We offer a well-managed digital asset management tool available through our integrated client portal providing easy and secure access to all of your files and metadata along with customizable reports saving you time and money.

Digital fulfillment

Sales and rentals from your website including Review and Desk copies

Customizable e-commerce website development

If you are thinking about building a website or adding an ebook store then you’ll probably come across a sea of web developers and solutions. It is important that you find a company with experience in the publishing business. We have an  ebook store solution that can be customized or we can build one to meet your specifications.

Our website development services give publishers all they are looking for and can be fully integrated with all of our other publisher services to include Print-on-Demand and Fulfillment services.

Investing in the right online presence is mission critical. So, before you begin, please contact us.

Ancillary material supported

PowerPoint slides, video files, music files, courseware.

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