Take control of your printing costs while meeting customer demand. Optimize your profits on every book sold while reducing overhead costs with less inventory.


On-site digital print shop with prepress and print services.
Print as needed: single copies, short print runs, initial print runs.

POD orders printed in 48 hours.
Replenishment stock orders printed within 5 days.

Fulfilment technicians work alongside to ensure orders arrive on time.
Reduce inventory overhead by printing only what you sell.
Store your backlist in our library to capture sales you might have lost otherwise.

  • Paperback / Hardcover
  • High quality black & white text printing
  • 4-color text, inserts, and jackets or covers
  • Custom trim sizes
  • Paperbacks: 1-3000 copies
  • Casebound: 1-2000 copies

Longer print runs can be accommodated.

Shipping direct to customers and/or to publisher’s warehouse, or office.
Orders shipped worldwide by Books International’s warehouse staff.

Global network of printers in the US and UK.
Print and deliver to a region.

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