Fulfillment Services

Whether you want to ship one book to one customer or bulk shipments to retailer and business partners, Books International manages hundreds of thousands of titles for publishers worldwide.

Maintaining a large inventory is made easy and efficiently to make more sales.

Books International will customize services to fit your needs, where it can combine front office functions such as order entry and collections, with warehouse management functions that include pick/pack/ship services.

On behalf of our clients, we ship to customers from individuals to the large trading partners like Amazon as well as the mass merchandizers such as Target. Our online account-management system allows you to access your sales information, monitor your inventory levels, and place orders. With monthly sales and activity reporting, you’ll easily be able to manage multiple titles.

Front Office Services

Order entry
  • All invoices, credit memos, statements, etc. done under the publisher's name
  • Phones answered under the publisher's name
  • Dedicated telephone number and email account
  • Receipt of orders via EDI, phone, fax, mail, email, website, spreadsheets                  
  • Standing orders                                                                           
  • Ebook sales reports uploaded
  • Returns processing/credit memos
  • Cash/check/credit card processing — deposited directly to the publisher’s bank account
  • Accounts receivable — payment application
Internet access to your data
  • View and print capabilities in your office; customizable reports available including sales, marketing, accounting, and inventory; exportable data (.csv, .txt) to use in other programs
Customer service
  • Inquiries — response via mail, phone, fax, email
  • Cancellations
  • Tracers/claims
  • Phone calls, invoice copies, proof of delivery provided
  • Chargeback resolutions
  • Ability to put customers on Hold or take them off Hold
  • Automated data feeds may be set up to deliver information to the publisher
  • Nightly inventory files may be sent to update publisher's website
  • Month-end reports — agreed-upon reports sent monthly
  • Commission reports
  • Royalty processing — contracts entered and reports/statements issued as required

Pick, Pack and Ship Services

Receiving inventory
  • Check condition
  • Weigh
  • Count
  • Receiving reports emailed to publisher
  • Data uploaded to database
  • Backorders released and picked
  • Remaining stock assigned locations and put away
  • Receipt and processing of returns, refurbishment
  • Integrated receiving from in-house print facility
  • Tracking numbers uploaded to invoice file within database
  • Shipment confirmations emailed to customers (optional)
  • Printing, picking, and packing orders — 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Packaging materials include double‐walled boxes
  • Invoices, shipping labels, statements, envelopes with your company name
  • Customs forms
  • Mailing domestic and international orders via UPS, USPS, FedEx, truck
  • Phone calls, invoice copies, proof of delivery provided
  • Chargeback resolutions
  • Ability to put customers on Hold or take them off Hold
  • Assortment creation and labeling, loose sets/prepacks
  • Preparation and application of Stickers
  • Physical inventory counts

Integration Support

Provide EDI support for trading partners including, but not limited to, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Target, and LOGIN.

Data file exchanges with the publisher:

  • New titles, title changes
  • File transfers as needed for inventory levels, shipping confirmations
  • Shopping cart support
  • Routing software supported to meet trading partners' requirements
  • Inventory feeds for Baker & Taylor's VIP program

Books International client portal provides access to inventory and sales data. This data can also be presented per distributed line in order to give distributors' clients access to sales data.

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